Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Why You Should Never Wear Loose Clothes Around a Big Jointer: A Cautionary Tale

A CR alumnus came by the shop the other day. He's now a professional woodworker who lives in the area.

He was carrying a paper bag. He rang the bell in the centre of the benchroom (that's what we do when we need to get everyone's attention for an announcement) and said he wanted to tell us a story about what can happen when you aren't careful in the shop.

He had been working, wearing a baggy "crappy $1 t-shirt from the second-hand store," running planks over the jointer.

He said he thought about putting on his shop apron, but didn't want to stop and just kept working, contrary to his instincts.

The next thing he knew, he was being pulled into the exposed jointer blade (a vortex of spinning razor sharp blades made to chew through wood) and it was all he could do to do a push-up on the machine's table to stay away from the danger.

The entire shirt was ripped from his body, save for the cuff of one sleeve.

"And....I will admit I was listening to music," he told us a little sheepishly. As a result he couldn't hear his machine when it first grabbed the fabric.

In the end, he was fine. The shirt wasn't. As pictured below, it was a shredded mess. Scary to think what could have happened if he was wearing a more durable T-shirt.

Lesson learned.

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